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Our mission

We aim to create high leverage solutions for reducing net emissions

Meet the team

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Our story

Carbon Critical was founded in April 2020 by tech entrepreneur Jamie Heather, with the aim of finding practical and effective ways to fight back against the devastating and lasting effects of climate change.

The first initiative that Carbon Critical launched was the Net Zero Fund - a charitable fund that lets Kiwis donate in a tax efficient way to the global organisations making the biggest impact at averting greenhouse gas emissions.

In July 2021 Jamie stepped down from his day job as CEO of ZOZO New Zealand so that he could focus all of his time and energy on finding new ways to help tackle climate change. He was joined by fellow entrepreneur and philanthropist Andrew Duncan in October 2021 and together they embarked on a mission to understand the sources of emissions in Aotearoa New Zealand and look for effective ways to reduce them.

In the course of that search it became apparent that almost everything humans do generates emissions: the way we move, eat, live, work, shop, relax and dress. It also became clear that climate change is just one facet of a much broader planetary crisis encompassing biodiversity loss, chemical pollution, ocean acidification, plastic contamination and other serious threats, and that effective solutions need to consider multiple environmental, social and economic concerns.

Today our goal at Carbon Critical is to apply our problem solving and technical skills to find effective ways to help tackle these environmental crises. We rely on evidence-based research, analytical thinking and pragmatic approaches to uncover high-leverage opportunities to make a real and positive impact with our available resources. We are not constrained to any single industry or sector, are open to sharing our ideas and supporting other teams, and are flexible in our approach.

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Example projects

We are exploring a range of high- and low-tech solutions for tackling climate change, always with the goal of making the biggest positive impact that we can at reducing emissions. Check out the links below and our blog to learn more about some of the things we have been working on and the ventures we have already launched.

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