Meet the founders

Jamie Heather

Director, Carbon Critical

Jamie Heather

Jamie is a tech entrepreneur with a background in data science and software development. He holds a masters degree in mathematics from Oxford University and is an expert in computer vision systems and machine learning algorithms. Jamie co-founded his first tech company in 2014 and sold it a few years later to ZOZO, Japan's largest online fashion retailer. He was the principle inventor of the 'ZOZOSUIT' 3D body measurement system - recognized by Time Magazine as one of the Best Inventions of 2018 and used by 1.7 million Japanese consumers.


Jamie stepped down from his role as CEO of ZOZO New Zealand in July 2021 to focus all his energy on a new and epic challenge: finding additional solutions for the climate crisis. Jamie is a perpetual optimist, and believes that despite the magnitude of the climate threat, we all have enormous potential to help fix it. He founded Carbon Critical with a single goal in mind: to make the biggest dent possible on greenhouse gas emissions.


When he is not busy dreaming up crazy new ideas, Jamie enjoys hanging out with his family, canoeing, climbing and paragliding.

Andrew Duncan

Director, Carbon Critical

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Andrew is an accomplished property agent, coach, investor and entrepreneur. After a successful career in the property world, he has made the transition to working on his other passion - tackling big environmental issues. Andrew is bringing his experience and entrepreneurial energy to Carbon Critical, to help develop new ventures for tackling climate change and making the world a better place. 


Andrew believes in the concept of effective altruism and the power of individual action. He created the Good You Can Do blog and podcast as a forum for spreading planet-saving ideas and education.

He also loves horticulture and likes to get his hands dirty as a volunteer and trustee in the For The Love Of Bees project.

Andrew lives with his young family in Wellington, where he is actively trying to build a self-sustaining urban garden on top of a windy hillside (he loves a good challenge).

Kirsty Beeching

Administrator, Carbon Critical

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Kirsty is our back-office superhero, taking care of all the accounting and admin tasks and generally keeping the wheels turning.


She has a Bachelor of Commerce degree and a wealth of experience working in business development and administrative roles around the world.


Kirsty lives with her family in Queensland (and is therefore the head of our Australian division, though we haven't told her that yet). She's a full-time mum and loves scuba diving, hiking and boating.