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Hope grows on trees

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Trees are one of the most effective tools we have for reaching net-zero emissions as quickly as possible, while also increasing biodiversity and providing a wealth of other benefits to us and the environment.

Sequest is a new initiative from Carbon Critical to unlock massive carbon drawdown in New Zealand by incentivising tree-planting beyond the government Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). Our approach is different and complementary to existing carbon forestry schemes, and all about getting the right tree in the right place.

Full details are coming soon. We are currently taking expressions of interest from individuals and companies that are interested in taking part in this new venture to combat climate change. 


Here are some of the ways you can get involved...


1. Get paid to save the planet

We provide a way for farmers, landowners and councils to earn income by planting trees. Whether it's 1 tree or 10,000, you can make a difference with Sequest. We work with landowners to find the right mix of trees (natives and exotics) to suit, without being constrained by the rules of the ETS.

2. Offset your emissions. Maximise your impact

Climate conscious organisations can lead the way and inspire action by sponsoring trees that sequester huge amounts of carbon. We are all about evidence-based impact and providing unparalleled verification and audit tools, right down to the tracking of individual trees. Offset your carbon footprint with us for full confidence and transparency about what you are getting.

3. Come plant trees with us!

Volunteer to help by caring for seedlings at home or planting trees in your local community. Meet like-minded people and foster hope, one tree at a time.

4. Invest in something good

We are considering raising capital in the near future to help achieve our goal of scaling and achieving maximum impact. If you are interested in becoming a private investor then we would be keen to chat with you.

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